Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

Breaking a long-term habit requires serious commitment and almost always requires help - such as replacing a bad habit with a healthier one or using a band-aid or rubber band. The search for patterns is ingrained in human nature - that's why it's so easy to acquire habits. We create everyday behavior according to the patterns and habits we enjoy. This is one of the many reasons why giving up is so hard to do. But using CBD to quit smoking helps in many ways.


How CBD Can Help Cigarette Smokers Quit


1 - Habit Replacement

First, you can replace the negative, exhausting, toxic habit of smoking with a natural and healthy alternative: your CBD. The act of vaping CBD flower is similar to the act of vaping or smoking tobacco products. This make it easy for one action to replace the other. Much of cigarette smoking is about habit and ritual. Replacing habits and rituals with something similar is much easier than removing them completely or trying to replace them with totally different ones.

2- Stress Relief

One of the best ways to break a habit is to remove the environmental factors that triggers the habit. Simply put, if stress encourages you to reach for a cigarette, treat the stress and the desire to smoke will decrease. CBD is a proven treatment for stress, it reducing anxiety, and provides a relaxing effect.

3 - Withdrawal Symptom Relief

CBD can help alleviate some of the most common side effects that come with quitting smoking - making it an ideal companion to help you really quit. For example, nicotine releases serotonin, so once people stop, they tend to experience the lethargy, stress, and depression that come with a drop in serotonin. CBD can trigger the release of serotonin just as nicotine does, so it can calm the stress, anxiety, and irritability that comes with withdrawal.
In addition, CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, so it reduces the headaches and minor pains that are often experience with smoking cessation.


Let us know if you’re thinking about quitting and want to give CBD a try, we’ll even throw in a discount code for you to help you out even more.