Our Passion

Our motivation comes from a passion for helping people.

Before we sell anything, we conduct studies and cross comparisons of goods across the global market in search of the absolutely best. We really can not stand mediocre goods, especially when it comes to what we put into our bodies, and so we promise to treat you like we treat ourselves :)

Our Process

We are constantly searching for new products on a daily basis. If something catches our eye, we start looking into the background of the company and the farm. One of the first things we check for is a 100% organic grow - we reject any product using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We then check the lab reports for legal compliance, cannabinoid concentrations, and terpene levels. If the product passes this test, we purchase a small sample size.

When we receive a sample, we check the aroma, observe the terpenes and hairs under an intense light, take photos, and then save a portion for archival purposes. We then have at least three team members try the product. In the case of flower, we use both vaporizers and combustion. While testing we take down notes, then have a discussion about the product, and finally come to a consensus about various aspects of the product and provide ratings on a scale of 1-10. After we’re done, we record all the data into the CBDatabase, compare the ratings per column, then make a decision on whether or not it deserves to be added to the Lux Pharms product lineup.

We Love Hemp, and You Should Too

We are very active people. We love hiking, playing sports, working out, doing MMA, and we do these often and sometimes competitively. Like you, we also live in a stressful world and have stressors in our personal and professional lives that can lead to worry, anxiety, and even sadness and depression. All of this takes its toll on you, and there really was not much out there to help us heal effectively without harmful side effects, and there especially was not anything that could do it all in one. So when we first tried high quality hemp flower, we were totally blown away. Pain and inflammation reduced quickly and drastically, and the weight of all of the stress just seemed to be lifted off of our shoulders. After continuing to use it, we became almost pain free both mentally and physically. We fell in love.

The hemp plant is absolutely amazing, from the stalk and its fibers that can be used to produce natural plastics, textiles, and cement, to its biomass (stalk + leaves) that can be used to produce fuels, to the flower it produces at its tips that has been scientifically proven to treat a number of ailments, down to its seeds that are packed with protein and micro-nutrients; this plant is not just a cash crop, it is a gift to humanity. We are humbled to be in the position we are in at a time when this wonderful crop is finally being unshackled, and we aim to bring you the best that it has to offer.

Hemp helps heal people & the planet. Hemp plastic is biodegradable and could potentially reduce our reliance on petrochemical based plastics that are causing things like this in our oceans. Hemp bio-diesel could help to put a dent in some of our reliance on fossil fuels. Even at rest, this amazing plant pulls more Co2 out of the atmosphere than most plants of the same size. With all of these capabilities, some have even gone as far as to say that hemp cultivation may be part of the solution to climate change.

Our Code of Honor

  1. Fairness - We will make sure that whenever you transact with our company, you will always be treated justly.

  2. Commitment to Excellence - We are all about the crème de la crème, and we want you to have that too.

  3. Progress - We are committed to improving everything about our operation and the industries that we operate in. We have plans to invest into research and development of CBD, CBD products, and hemp based products in order to help the world unlock the secrets of this amazing plant.

Our Activism

There is still more work to be done in the fight for legalization of hemp flower. Currently, hemp flower must be under .3% THC to be legally sold in the United States. This is an almost arbitrary limit that does not take into consideration that hemp flower naturally generates up to 1% THC. Even a strain that usually produces at the .3% THC limit can jump above this level due to a variety of factors during its growing cycle. This causes well-intentioned farmers to lose entire harvests due to fractional differences in THC levels which are not even significant enough to cause a high. That’s why we will continue to support legislation to have the legal THC level for hemp flower in the United States to be raised to 1%.

Hemp is also still illegal in many parts of the world, much of this is due to stigmatization and the lack of understanding of the differences between hemp and psychoactive cannabis. A portion of our proceeds will go towards education and advocacy in order to help inform people and policy to support the legalization of hemp around the world.

When you buy our products, you not only buy your own medicine, you contribute to our global advocacy to help make this medicine more easily available to all.

Our Parent Company

Lux Pharms is a subsidiary of Lux Comercia, an international trade and business consulting company. The global reach and market insights provided by our parent company give us the ability to search the globe for you in a way that most can not. Our parent company aims to always bring the best products and customer service experiences to its customers, and you can rest assured that Lux Pharms will operate in that same vein.